Software Solutions

Smart Card Solutions

Versatile, cost-effective, and done in tough and durable design, smart cards offer enterprise wide solutions, with large memory capacity for secure and portable data that can be modified or expanded for wide-ranging applications.

Airport Security: El-Smart for Electronic passport and other machine readable travel documents combines the convenience of contactless smart IC chip and the security printing options that meet the highest requirements in security and durability.

Canteen Solutions: Automation of canteens and restaurants to record the meals intake by their employees.It can be used for ID, Time & Attendance, Access Control and e-purse etc in an organization.

EITS-ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition System) is an image-processing technology used to identify vehicles by their license plates. ANPR System firstly locates a number plate on a vehicle and then reads and interprets the plate.System can create a log of vehicle movements with date, time and location.Systems can not only read a plate, but having interpreted it, the software can usually look up the plate in a database and display information about the vehicle or driver on an operator’s screen

El-Smart Fuel: Electronia’s Petrol Station solution, streamlines the process of allocating fuel concessions in a user-friendly interface while saving companies the expense of lengthy, often costly, and fraudulent-plague operations.

Insurance Solution : Electronia delivers a modular and versatile card that has insurance details for multiple applications such as vehicle, medical, personal, and fixed asset insurance, with details about expiration date, date and amount of settled claims, details of physical disability or hereditary diseases, names of dependents, and emergency contact numbers. The system generates an advance notification of insurance policies that are nearing expiry, ensuring that the insurance agency contacts the customer in time to renew the contract and retain its share of business.

Dot : The easier way to upgrade old systems. El-Smart Dot is a remarkable technology that converts existing legacy (magnetic/proximity) cards to contactless smart cards, imparting the same flexibility and personalization that smart cards are known for.