Networking Solutions

Fibre Optic & Copper Products

UTP Patch Cables/Patch Cords : Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) Patch Cables and Patch Cords are used to connect two nearby components, such as a PC to a wall outlet, or a patch panel to a hub.

Fiber Optic Patch Cables : Used to connect two nearby components with fiber connectors, these Cables transmit data with light, so you don’t have to worry about electrical interference.

UTP Horizontal Cables : These Cables are made from solid-conductor wires and typically used for in-wall premise installation. We provide high-quality Category 5e and Category 6 horizontal cables.

RJ45 Plugs : RJ45 Plugs are used to make UTP Patch Cables. We carry Plugs with both flat and round entrances, for making flat cables and rounded UTP cables.

Jacks : We offer a vast selection of jacks, so you can complete and customize your networking outlets.

Outlets and Faceplates : Our outlets provide the perfect combination of insert and faceplate features. They are the hardware you need to interface patch and horizontal cables.

Inserts : We carry a full array of inserts for all your networking needs. They snap easily into a faceplate, to make your workspace network-ready.

Patch Panels : We carry a variety of patch panels, featuring from 12 to 96 ports. We provide everything you need to set up a manual switching center for incoming and outgoing telecommunication and electronic lines.

Racks & Cabinets : We offer a wide range of racks and enclosures to store, secure, and organize your data and voice equipment. They help ensure that your devices run effectively and efficiently.

Cable Management : We provide various types of cable Management. From a 19-inch rack-mountable panel for racks and cabinets, to simple cable ties, we have the best ways to keep your network organized and your cables optimally arranged.

Networking Tools, Kits & Testers : Our extensive line of tools includes everything you need to connect a high-performance network.Current tool kit includes Fluke Networks, Fujikura, Fittel, Yokogawa, Sumitomo and Noyes.

AFL N Raceways : Our Raceway systems protects and conceals networking cables while eliminating the need to run cables behind the wall.