About us

A Few Words About Us

AMTECH is a division of Al Madaen Group, a leading business group with activities ranging from Investment, Real Estate, Construction and IT .

AMTECH offers comprehensive range of services in the field of Information Technology, Electronics and Telecommunication. AMTECH combines best-of-breed products, services and technologies with local market knowledge and expertise to successfully address its customer’s strategic business challenges and requirements.

AMTECH in association with international partners meet the specific customer needs by adapting the right delivery model and project management.

The services are offered in areas like Networking, Fibre Optic products, Structured Cabling, Telephone cabling & installation, Security Systems, T & A systems, Self Service terminals & Smart card based custom solutions.

We are not ready to compromise on the value given to customers at any cost and will place the power of the latest technological achievements in the best interests of the customers always.

The company employs young and vigorous people, who are professionals in the fields of information technologies, marketing policy and support of clients. Mobile and dynamic AMTECH quickly reacts to all needs and requirements of the market and shows stable rates of growth.

AMTECH guarantees precise execution of orders, the optimal prices and service of the highest quality. We are ready to place all power of the newest technical achievements in the service of the customers.

Who We Are

Responsive to the technologically changing environment, we give you one single name which can be the solution provider for all your IT and communication woes and queries! – AMTECH!

We are a team of multitalented, research-oriented individual, creating and devising new methods to make things work over networks more easily.

Our Target Audiences Are:

  • MNCs and Enterprises
  • Government organizations
  • Start ups
  • Personal vendors
  • Individual clients

The fast-paced world!

Welcome to the 21st century – where change happens faster than the speed of light!

This century has seen a mammoth of technological changes impacting the lives of millions around the globe. This impact has been in terms of:

  • Reducing time taken for communication
  • Cutting down costs involved in data transfer
  • Wireless connectivity around the globe
  • Increasing flexibility of work
  • Creating data pools and storage online

The Information and Communication industry is booming in terms of devices and purposes. Earlier ideas that were thought to be impossible now are viable with the advent of technology in communication.

Simple examples of these are the development of smart watches, wireless medical facilities, cloud computing, network drones and satellite imaging.

From the mere function of connectivity, networks have played a completely improvised role. Day by day, the importance of a sound and secure network is becoming more and more prominent.

All networks need not be physical. The presence of invisible online networks is found all across the globe.

Our Team Experts

If you are in a fix as to how to solve your networking woes, AMTECH’s technological experts will lend you hand. Our well trained group of technicians have developed innovative solutions for many types of business issues faced by firms worldwide.

The culture of exceptional client service

The culture developed in AMTECH is of exceptional customer servicing with all respect and focus given to the customer and his requirements. The team has been horned to serve the customer and assist him all throughout the life of the issue at hand. Assistance will be provided by AMTECH 24/7.

AMTECH employs young and vigorous people who are experts in the field of IT, marketing policy and customer service. All employees are trained and groomed in both domain knowledge and smart skills. Innovativeness and dynamism are traits which are well appreciated and nurtured within the walls of the organization.

How we work?

AMTECH is a blend of both local expertise and international alliances. The presence of knowledge of both arenas has helped create solutions with widespread use and purposes.

Advantages of international partnerships

Exposure to technologies from around the world and understanding different impacts of IT problems have made AMTECH delve across boundaries for support. The research team within AMTECH has partnered with many international partners to meet specific customer needs by adapting the right delivery model. Project management has also been handled more smoothly due to the collaboration of international partners.

  • Smooth flow of technological innovation
  • Multi-faceted advice
  • Extensive testing facilities
  • Global sourcing

Advantage of local expertise

  • Knowledge of material sourcing
  • Lesser cost
  • Improved networking
  • Reduction in overhead and cost – which can be passed on to the customer