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Queue Management System

Convenience, Customers not only need it, they demand it. In the service industry, your customer is the king and the king cannot be hassled by queuing.

TENSATOR is a complete branch analytics system that not only manages customer queues in real-time inside a branch but also provides the management real-time access to performance metrics like customer wait time, average service time and employee efficiency. It provides banks and retail institutions a complete branch transformation tool to prioritize services for their VIP customers while providing them a convenient method to cross sell and up sell their products to waiting customers.

Tensator’s Electronic Queueing Systems improve the customer experience Self-service or reception-managed solutions deliver more responsive service and meet specialised customer requirements. Match staff members to customer requirements for better efficiency and increased customer satisfaction. Monitor queue flow in real time to keep customer throughput high. Customers book appointments online or on-site for shorter wait times and more convenience.

Electronic queueing systems combined with Tensamedia® solutions convert unused window and wall space for branded promotions and deeper engagement.

Need For Queue Management

  • Increased number of services provided by service industries
  • Increased number of customer enquires within the premises
  • Long queues lead to customer frustration and dissatisfaction
  • Increased customer churns and decreased revenues
  • Increased cost of employing qualified manpower
  • Puts an end to all your queuing problems providing