Security Systems

Vehicle Tracking System

AMTECH fleet customers rely heavily on our solutions in competitive markets where even the smallest amounts of time and money become critical issues in determining the success of their business.

By selecting our management solution, our customers are able to:

Reduce their fuel costs by 10% on average, often equating to a payback of millions.

Better manage routes and delivery schedules, and improve vehicle utilization.

Track vehicles and drivers in real-time, and assign jobs accordingly.

Identify, monitor and manage poor driver behaviour.

Efficiently manage servicing and licensing, resulting in reduced wear and tear and increased vehicle uptime.

Our system is designed as an automatic fully electronic logbook, which will record every journey a vehicle makes, where it started from, the route travelled, at what speeds, where it went to and for how long it was stopped before starting the next journey. The system includes PC software and mapping, so it is not necessary to login to a slow and tedious website, as all the calculations, routes, maps, graphs, reports, printouts etc are done right here on your own computer.

We listened to the customers and they all agree: time is money. We have designed a fleet management system where the control is back in your hands. No phoning a call centre to find out where your vehicle is. No slow downloads while you wait for reports to come off the internet. No need to go online to see reports and print routes.

Tracking, live information streams and reporting tools through an advanced software platform.